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"New Year's Magic" contest results

Dear Friends,
We are happy to announce the results of "New Year's Magic" contest from FxCash that was held in period from January 1, 2024 to February 29, 2024.
After the final FX Points counting we have the following place's arrangement:
1st place: Stepan from Russia, with 1108.2126 forex points won an Apple iPhone 15 (128gb)
2nd place: Salem from Algeria, with 653.9312 forex points won 200 USD
3rd place: Stanislav from Moldova, with 562.9047 forex points won 100 USD
4th place: Jabor from Qatar, with 558.4672 forex points won 60 USD
5th place: Grigori from Armenia, with 440.4360 forex points 40 USD
We congratulate all the winners and wish them further success in Forex trading!

Best Regards,
FxCash Team