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We are pleased to announce that FP Markets will be participating in its rightful place amongst the top financial companies and best traders from all over the world in the Malaysia Traders Expo on 10 September 2022. 

All under one roof at the InterContinetal Kuala Lumpur, FP Markets invites traders and partners to join them at the Expo to get to know the FP Markets award winning team and to extend and deepen their trading knowledge with free seminars and workshops. 

Meet colleagues from your own industry, build a network with leading experts that share common interests, stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations, get new ideas for your own business, or gain an overview of the industry are all great reasons to attend. 

Our team look forward to seeing you and are readily available to answer any questions, whilst offering you insights on our products and services. 

Important update in the Trading Instruments section of our website

Dear traders,

We want to share an important update in the Trading Instruments section of our website.

We’ve added the sorting option, so you can now apply filters to sort the instruments by name, profitability and price. You can also select a period for the Price change parameter: daily, monthly, yearly.

Also, the Trading Instruments section now has the Assets to buy section. Here, you will find the selection of the most promising instruments:

  • First choice
  • Growth Leaders
  • Most Traded
  • Time to buy

Protect your account with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

August 11, 2022

Dear traders,

We are committed to delivering top-notch quality services to our clients and improving the security of their trading environment. We take the protection of personal data and the safety of our clients’ funds seriously.

In this regard, we are pleased to inform you that all AMarkets’ clients can now enhance their account security by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) in the AMarkets trading app.

What is two-factor authentication?
Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an important security measure that adds a second layer of protection in addition to your password. It strengthens account security and helps protect your account from unauthorized access.

Earlier, you could only use a password to log into your account. The stronger your password is, the harder it is to crack it. However, there is always the risk of data leakage that can make your account vulnerable. This is where 2FA comes to the rescue.

Check out these step-by-step instructions to enable 2FA for your account. We’ve also covered some of the most common questions about the login confirmation option in the FAQ section.

Top 5 Successful RAMM Strategies in July

Today we’ll review the 5 best performing RAMM strategies of the past month.

* The Copy Trade Archer strategy proved to be the best performing strategy in July. Trading XAU/USD, WTI and Nasdaq100, the managing trader reached 121% profitability in one month.
Strategy status: Aggressive.

* The SopatkaR strategy, with its 119% profitability in July, holds second place in our ranking of the highest yielding strategies. The managing trader mainly opened positions in XAU/USD, USD/CHF and AUD/USD.
Strategy status: Aggressive.

* In third place is the One_Million_Dollars strategy which showed an 89% yield over the same period. Throughout the month, a trader mainly traded XAU/USD, NGAS, EUR/USD and other instruments.
Strategy status: Conservative.

* The RAMM strategy vahid1360 showed 64% profitability in July and took fourth place. The trader opened positions only in EUR/USD, GBP/JPY, CAD/JPY and other assets.
Strategy status: Conservative.

* The Behnam strategy ranks last in the list of highest-yielding RAMM strategies in July, with a monthly yield of 64%. Trading was conducted in XAU/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/СAD and other instruments.
Strategy status: Conservative.


Dear clients,

The key US stock indexes, which showed growth during the day, mostly fell on Monday (within 0.1%) in anticipation of inflation data for July. According to analysts' expectations, the growth of the consumer price index in the country in July slowed down to 8.7% from 9.1% earlier.

What are the trading prospects in this regard, we will find out from our expert:

Lower fuel and food prices signal a reduction in inflation in the United States, which is beneficial for the US stock market. On Wednesday consider buying #NQ100, #SP500, #Exxon.

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