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FBS Wins Best Islamic Forex Account Award at Forex Expo Dubai

We are excited to celebrate FBS winning the "Best Islamic Forex Account" award at the Forex Expo Dubai! Excellence in this nomination recognizes our commitment to improving people's access to financial markets and inclusion in trading.

FBS's Islamic Trading or Swap-Free option allows Muslim traders to engage in forex trading without incurring overnight swap fees and trade in adherence to the principles of Islamic finance.

Swap-Free is available on all FBS accounts: Standard, Cent, and Pro. Users based in countries where Islam is the predominant religion can turn on swap-free themselves right from their FBS Account. Muslim traders from other regions can also enjoy Islamic Trading conditions; just send your request to the FBS client support.

We at FBS remain committed to pushing the boundaries of excellence in the forex trading industry and providing our traders with the tools and features they need to succeed.


Switch to winter time in Europe and the USA in 2023

Dear сlients,

Please be informed that Europe switches to the winter time on the night of the 28 - 29 October 2023. Therefore, the trading hours for all instruments on the list below shift 1 hour back compared to their regular trading hours until 5 November 2023 when the USA switch to winter time.


Open from 23:00 of Sunday till 23:00 of Friday.


Open on Mon.-Fri. from 00:00 till 23:00.


Open on Sun.-Fri. from 23:50 till 23:00.


Open on Mon.-Fri. from 00:00 till 23:00.


Opens on Mon.-Fri. from 00:00 till 23:00.


Opens on Mon.-Fri. from 02:00 till 23:00.

CFDs on Shares

Open on Mon.-Fri. from 15:30 till 22:00.

Also, please note that the time of trading servers indicated on the platform will shift 1 hour back on 29 October 2023 for the countries that do not use winter time.

Sincerely yours,
LiteFinance Global LLC


Happy Birthday to Us, Gifts for You!

Dear clients,

On October 1, AMarkets celebrated its anniversary – 16 years of excellence!

To mark this occasion, we’ll be raffling off 16 amazing gifts:

  • 1-4 places: iPhone 15 Pro Max
  • 5-8 places: iPhone 15 Pro
  • 9-12 places: iPhone 15 Plus
  • 13-16 places: iPhone 15

To enter the raffle

from October 2 to October 31:

  1. Register for the promotion in your AMarkets Personal Area.
  2. Deposit $500 or more into your account and receive a coupon.
  3. Activate the coupon by generating a trading turnover of 1 lot.

All activated coupons will be raffled among traders, and the lucky winners will be picked using the independent random number generator service, random.org.

The status and the number of the coupons received are displayed in the “My coupons” section of your AMarkets Personal Area. The number of coupons is limited. No more than 16 coupons per client.

Get all the details on the promotion at this link.

Sign up for Our Trading Seminar in México

Register for our upcoming seminar in Guadalajara to learn Forex trading from A to Z! On November 11, we will host a free seminar for those who want to start trading on the right foot.

Under the guidance of our skilled expert Christian Borjón, attendees will learn the essentials of Forex trading, plus how to use the right tools based on their trading preferences and goals.

Additionally, everyone will be able to enter lucky draws* to win bonuses. Participants will also have the chance to get the Avramis River Indicator*, a great analysis tool for identifying the best instruments to trade.

Come to learn and meet the XM team face to face! Read more and register on the seminars’ page.


September 2023 Results: South Asian Traders Lead at NordFX

Brokerage firm NordFX has summarized the trading performance of its clients for September 2023.

Gold, specifically the XAU/USD pair, continues to be one of the most popular trading instruments, helping NordFX traders secure positions in the Top 3. Notably, this time all three podium spots were taken by compatriots from South Asia.

* The highest profit in the first month of autumn was earned by a client from South Asia, account number 1679XXX.
* The second spot on the September podium went to their compatriot, with account number 1599XXX.
* The precious metal also assisted another representative from South Asia (account number 1702XXX) in entering the Top 3 for September with a profit of 18,766 USD.

The Top 3 IB partners of NordFX for September are as follows:

- The highest commission amount of 14,042 USD was credited to a partner from Western Asia, account number 1645XXX. It's worth noting that this partner has led the Top 3 for five consecutive months. Over this period, they have earned just under 60,000 USD in total;
- Second place went to the holder of account number 1618XXX from South Asia, who received 9,923 USD;
- And finally, rounding out the Top 3 is a partner from Southeast Asia with account number 1361XXX, who received a commission of 7,127 USD.