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FxCash is a rebate service catering to traders throughout the world and a partner of over 50 trusted and regulated brokers. Below, you will find an unbiased Forex broker rating. FxCash pays you money for each trade you make with any of these brokers as rebate or spread cashback. Sing up with FxCash (it is free), open an account with any of the brokers in this list, and start earning extra income right away!

You can add the account that was open before to the FxCash partner group following the instructions "How to transfer an account".


Short FAQ

Yes. FxCash pays not only FX broker rebate, but also stock broker rebate as well. To view the rates and trading conditions for stock brokers, please go to Brokers > Stock Brokers section.
Stock market, like FX, is a very important part of the global financial market. In the stock market, you can trade securities, such as stocks and bonds. Its major advantage is that it is centralized: there is a central exchange, where all market participants, such as brokers, dealers, and clients, place their buy and sell orders.
Some think that you need huge capital to enter to trade stocks. Nevertheless, it is okay to have around $150 to $200 as your starting capital in the stock market, while the leverage is not that large as in FX. This is because stocks are much more volatile than FX pairs: when a quarterly earnings report is released, a stock can easily jump 5% to 10% up or down in just a few minutes. Thus, in the stock market, you can earn as much as you would in FX.
You should understand that, when trading stocks, you actually own an asset, and that ownership is backed by a bounding agreement. In the shareholder registry, there will be a record stating the shares you've bought do belong to you. As such, even in case a broker does not exist anymore, the shares you bought won't be gone, they will still be yours, as per the registry records.