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A Rebate Service Working since 2009


No, we are not a broker. However, we are an introducing agent for 60+ largest brokers worldwide which offer a wide range of financial services for Forex, stock and commodity trading.

It's quite simple. You need to create an account with FxCash and select a broker to trade with in case you are not already trading with one of our partners (our partner list features 60+ brokers, and more are added on a regular basis). Then you just link your account for the activation and start trading as you normally do. That's it! Now you will get spread rebate credited on your account for every trade you make, whether it is profit or loss.

You may ask now: wait, how is it possible? Well, here's the answer. We have signed a number of exclusive partner agreements with various brokerage firms worldwide. The firms refund a part of spread (i.e. bid and ask difference) to their clients registered with us. Now, the overall size of the client positions allows us to get best rebate rates and ensure our customers are profiting, while we are profiting, too.

We have taken all necessary measures for making our service as easy-to-use and transparent as it could be. By joining us, you will have an opportunity to enjoy instant payments for each trade you make.

To get precise and up-to-date information, please go to Brokers page on our website.

Your funds are held on your broker account. We can never access your trading funds; the only thing we need to know is your account details to guarantee you FxCash payments on each trade you close.

FxCash is a unique service, and the uniqueness consists of the following:

  • We are the first spread rebate service ever. Our team began working together back in 2007, when we сonceived the idea of partnering the brokers to get spread rebate. This idea was thoroughly tested at multiple stages, from a small team and the FxOtkat service to FxCash as it is today.
  • We work directly with our customers.
  • Our mission is meeting our customers' goals and needs.
  • With a wide range of business strategies, flexible pricing and extensive experience in the industry, we are happy to offer our service with unrivaled conditions.
  • Our payment policy is absolutely transparent.
  • Our customers' interests are our primary concern, that is why we make sure these interests are fully respected by all the brokerage firms we partner with.
  • Our professional and courteous customer support will make every effort to help you promptly and efficiently.

There's no minimum amount. You can start using our service by depositing $100, or $200 or even $1 to your trading account with any broker in the list. The brokers we introduce you to are diverse, each of them offers trading services with different conditions, so you are sure to find a broker that suits you, even if your demands are extremely high.

To view current rates and other conditions offered for trading with each broker, go to the Brokers page.

In Forex, you must find a broker that ideally suits you in every way. One of our major goals is helping our customers to find such a broker that would meet each and every need or demand of each our customer.

Each broker has its own rules and terms. To transfer your existing (old) trading account to the FxCash affiliate group you can use the "Transfer Account" form. The brokers that allow account transferring are marked with the inscription "Account transfer is available" in our Brokers Catalogue.

Opening an account with us is and will always be free. We don't charge any maintenance fee either.

Of course you can, just make sure all of these brokers are listed on our website (over 60 in total) and you have opened an account with them under FxCash IB.

The payments can be handled in real time, daily, on weekly or monthly basis. The payment period depends on broker’s conditions.

We support a variety of payment methods. Currently, you can withdraw your earnings via Webmoney, FasaPay, PerfectMoney, Skrill, Payeer, Neteller, AdvCash, Tether, FreshForex, as well as through a bank wire transfer or direct transfer to InstaForex, RoboForex, AMarkets, FreshForex.