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How to transfer the account

We will help you compose the e-mail which you need to send to the broker in order to put your account under us.

Short FAQ

Here is what you need to do in order to open an account through FxCash affiliate link: - Log into your FxCash account and click Open A Trading Account - Select a broker and click Open an Account - Register an account with the broker you've chosen - Activate your account number in FxCash (Trading Accounts section)
If the broker has an Affiliate Code box in the account application form, create a new account specifying the company ID. To view the ID you need, go to the Brokers section and fine the one you're looking form in the broker descriptions.
To link your exiting account to FxCash, contact your broker support and ask them to add your account to FxCash partner group. Make sure to provide the partner ID specified in the Brokers section in your support request.
Once your broker confirms your account linking, you'll need to add that account to your FxCash member area under the Trading Account section. You'll start getting rebates once your account gets approved.