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The online ECN broker LiteForex has been providing its clients access to Tier 1 liquidity in the currency, commodity, and stock market since 2005. All major currency pairs and cross rates, oil, precious metals, stock indexes, blue chips, and the largest set of cryptocurrency pairs can be traded at LiteForex. LiteForex is a high-tech reliable ECN broker with a strong reputation. Our clients can exploit a safe user-friendly online platform for high-speed trading available in 15 global languages and providing access to a great deal of in-built tools for price chart analysis. The fans of the most popular trading platform MetaTrader 4/5 can use it as well.

Nigeria Dream Car Draw Final 01/03/2021

Dear clients,

We are glad to announce the time of the final raffle of Nigeria Dream Car Draw - an incredible contest for clients from Nigeria with HYUNDAI TUCSON as the grand prize. It will be held on March 6, 2021, at 19 pm (Nigeria Time) on the official LiteForex YouTube channel. Everyone, not just the holders of lucky tickets, will be able to watch the video stream of the draw.

We wish all luck to those participating in the final draw! Don't miss the stream!

Best regards,



Optimization of LiteForex-Cent.com trading server work

Dear clients,

Please be informed, that the transactions history on CENT accounts located on the LiteForex-Cent.com server will be compressed on this Saturday, 27.02.2021.
The history of all trading operations and balance transactions (all types of charges and crediting transactions: affiliate commissions, rollover results, swap charges, internal transfers, deposits and withdrawals, etc.) made on the trading accounts in the period before 01.02.2021 will be compressed into one balance operation the final value of which will be equivalent to the sum of all the transactions over the above mentioned period.

The detailed trading accounts history from the moment of account opening and up to 01.02.2021 will be inaccessible after the compression. 
We ask you to take necessary actions beforehand and to save trading account statements, if appropriate.

Best regards,


LiteForex wishes Happy Chinese New Year!

Dear clients,

LiteForex congratulates all its clients celebrating Chinese New Year and wishes them happiness, prosperity and luck. May the Golden Ox bring you many wonderful events and financial success in the coming year.

We at LiteForex look forward to cooperation with you in the coming year!

Best regards,



Dear clients,

Please get acquainted with upcoming changes in LiteForex’s trading schedule this month.

The actual trading schedule for each trading instrument is always displayed in the “Info on the instrument” section in the Client area at LiteForex.

This information is for guidance purposes only and is subject to change. Please, stay up to date.

If necessary, adjust your trading strategy to these changes. Please contact our support service if you need assistance.



Announcing 50 more winners of LiteForex New Year Promo!

Dear clients,
It's time to announce the winners of the third stage of LiteForex Dream Draw! The lucky ones will go to the gala dinner in Dubai and participate in the final raffle. They will each get one of the 20 guaranteed prizes, among which:

* A certificate for a DREAM HOUSE worth up to $250 000 anywhere in the world;
* A certificate for a $60 000 DREAM CAR;
* Two multifunctional workstations iMac Pro
* Three powerful MacBooks Pro 16
* Three compact MacBooks Pro 13
* Three ultrathin and fast MacBooks Air
* Three iPhones 11 Pro Max
* Four iPhones 11 Pro

Here is the list of the lucky winners of the third stage:
* Mr. Nguyen Van Hoang Nam from Vietnam with Lucky Number 12553 (MT4-R-429591);
* Mr. Mai Khac Viet from Vietnam with Lucky Number 15318 (MT4-R-511784).
* Mr. Ngo Xuan Minh from Vietnam with Lucky Number 25737 (MT4-R-474811).
* Mr. Mohd Irwan Bin Mat Salimain from Malaysia with Lucky Number 6109 (MT4-R-340294).
* Mr. Munir Mohd Khalid from Malaysia with Lucky Number 38899 (MT4-R-340458).

There is one stage and 5 more places left! Every three months 5 winners are determined and the luckiest 20 will go to the final raffle in Dubai. You can read more about the contest here. Hurry up and become one of the winners in the epic LiteForex Dream Draw!

Best regards,