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Forex Club broker review

Forex Club reviews
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Forex Club was founded back in 1997, which means the company has been around for almost 20 years. This proves the fact the company is quite trusted among the traders. There are over 100 Forex Club offices over the world, including US, EU, Latin America, And Asia. Forex Club is a trusted and reliable broker, regulated by CySec and NAFD (formerly CRFIN).

Forex Club: Everything You Need for Easy and Successful Trading

Among the trading platforms offered, you can find both the famous MT4 and such proprietary platforms as Rumus, StartFX, and Libertex. Libertex is a very own platform developed by Forex Club, which was named the best trading platform within the Eurasian Economic Union in 2016. Among the liquidity providers, there are such top tier banks as JP Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse, Barclays, and Commerzbank.

Key Advantages

- Execution speed: less than 0.5 seconds

- Demo account available

- Multilingual live support

- Over 20 deposit methods

- Order execution over the phone available

- Withdrawals within 1-3 business days

- Mobile trading

Forex Club Trading Conditions

Forex Club offers 5 account types, depending on the deposit amount. With under $500 deposit, you get basic service, such as market news, analysis, and webinars. The more you deposit, the more opportunities you get. That is, once you deposit more than $500, you get Trading Central service and much more.

When you open a live trading account, make sure to check the Terms and Conditions below the form. From this doc, you'll learn all the details for each account type and platform, such as execution policy, quote policy, etc.

  • Minimum deposit: $10 (valid for 3 account types)
    Minimum position size: 0.1
  • Over 120 tradable assets, including cryptocurrency and CFD
    Leverage: from 1:100 to 1:200 (depends on account type and deposit amount)
  • No Dealing Desk
    Floating spread
  • Market Execution (all execution types available only in StartFX and Rumus platforms)
To get up to 48% of spread on Forex Club, open a trading account with them by clicking Open trading account. To view Forex Club discussions or add your own comments, just click Discuss.
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