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"Winter Robo-race" contest results

Dear Friends,
We are happy to announce the results of "Winter Robo-race" Promotion that was held from February 15, 2022 till April 30, 2022.
After the final FX Points counting, we have the following place's arrangement:
1st place: Eugene from Ukraine scored 3928.5512 FX Points and got the grand prize - Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max;
2st place: Victor from Russia scored 1877.8190 FX Points and won $200;
3st place: Daniil from Serbia scored 428.1785 FX Points and won $150;
4st place: Philip from France scored 285.8197 FX Points and won $100;
5st place: Eugene from Russia scored 277.3743 FX Points and won $50.

Congrats the winners and wish even more success in FX trading!

Best Regards,
FxCash Team