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"Summer with Tickmill" Promotion results

Dear Friends,

Today, we are happy to announce the results of "Summer with Tickmill" Promotion from FxCash that was held from June 21, 2021 till August 29, 2021

After the final FX Points counting we have the following place's arrangement:

1st place: Oksana from Kazakhstan - $450;
2nd place: MD NASIR UDDIN from Bangladesh - $300;
3rd place: Ali from Iran - $250
4th place: Mohd Suhaimi from Malaysia - $200;
5th place: Alisher from Uzbekistan - $150;
6th place: Alexander from Russia - $100;
7th place: Mohamed from Egypt - $50;

Congrats the winners and wish even more success in FX trading!

Best Regards,
FxCash Team