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"New Year’s Tale" Promotion results

Dear Friends,
Today, we are happy to announce the results of "New Year’s Tale" Promotion from FxCash that was held from December 15, 2020 to January 31, 2021
After the final FX Points counting we have the following place's arrangement:
1st place: Eugene from Russia scored 693.4118 FX Points and got the grand prize - Apple iPhone 12 128GB;
2nd place: Catherine from Russia scored 630.8368 FX Points and won $500;
3rd place: Kang Yeong Thin from Malaysia  scored 558.0670 FX Points and won $400
4th place: Andrei from Russia scored 422.8128 FX Points and won $300;
5th place: Sung Jun Hwang from Republic of Korea scored 395.7629 FX Points and won $200;
6th place: Michael from Russia scored 332.1951 FX Points and won $100;
7th place: Amr Mahmoud Gouda from Egypt scored 309.5112 FX Points and won $50;
Congrats the winners and wish even more success in FX trading!

Best Regards,
FxCash Team