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05.06.2015 16:12

Joint competition from FxCash and FortFS

Dear Clients,

FxCash and FORTFS are pleased to invite you to take part in a new FortOil Contest, which will run from June 8 up to July 6, 2015. You can sign up right now!

Fort Financial Services opens this Contest to engage more FX traders into stock and commodity trading.
Anyone can participate - just follow simple sign-up steps on FortOil Contest Web Page. Here you can also open a special Contest Account with FortFS.

For further details, please go to

NOTE: You can sign up to take part in the Contest from 01/06/2015 till 01/07/2015.

IMPORTANT! Any transactions made from 08/06/2015 till 06/07/2015 will be considered when determining Contest results. The Contest will last for 4 trading weeks.

Along with the sign-up process, please take into account the following Terms and Conditions:

1. You cannot start trading before the Contest official kick-off (8/6/2015), otherwise you will be disqualified.

2. Each participant must open at least one transaction based on Oil once per week.

3. Any trading tools available for the relevant account type may be applied. Traders may use any EA's (both in-built and custom) and any other default MT4 applications and/or extensions.

4. You cannot deposit your own funds on your Contest Account. When the Contest starts, Fort Financial Services will credit $1,000 on your account; these funds may only be used for the Contest.
Any withdrawal or transfer requests coming from the Contest Account will disqualify you.

5. The personal information supplied by any participant must be true, verifiable and precise. In case of any suspicion of fraud or multiple account creation, Fort Financial Services has a right to run an additional verification process. Any discrepancies in the personal information supplied by you will disqualify you.

6. Each FortOil Contest participant may open only one Contest Account. In case two or more accounts are opened on behalf of a single participant, such a participant will be disqualified.

If two or more referral participants are detected, all of them will be automatically disqualified, and their Contest Account will be void.

To be selected among winners, the participant must maximize their profits within 4 trading weeks. The profit must not be less than 25% of the initial deposit ($1,000).

For Contest Account, no FxCash spread rebate will be credited.

Total prize pool amount is $2,000, and is distributed between 10 winners (from $20 to $600, depending on rating positions). The winner may withdraw their prize or use it for trading.

For more details, please visit our Contest Promo Page.

Best Regards,
FxCash Team

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  • 1. X63690$133.42
  • 2. X59061$95.8
  • 3. X70149$67.57
  • 4. X64499$59.61
  • 5. X56547$45.59
  • FxCash users:28172
  • Forex accounts:71475
  • Trades:30110912

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