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01.09.2015 11:41

Great news from Roboforex

Dear Traders,

We are here again with exiting news! 

For FXCASH traders only: Starting September 1, no customer of ours will ever need МТР's* if they trade on ROBOFOREX accounts!
*MTP stands for minimal trading points, units measuring profit/loss and required to get payment on your FxCash account.

Get spread rebate for any trades made with any RoboForex account type. No more limits or restrictions! 

With no MTP and minimum profit/loss requirements, traders of all types can multiply their earnings. That being said, RoboForex spread rebate is still credited daily on your FxCash account.

Don't forget about exciting Roboforex contests and promos, which all RoboForex, RoboFX and RoboOption clients are eligible to take part in. One of them, in particular, gives you a chance to win a Tesla car! All new and existing clients enter this contest automatically.

Happy trading!

Best Regards, 
FxCash Team

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