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A Rebate Service Working since 2009
up to $6.96 of spread
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MTrading has been around since 2014. Originally designed as the Admiral Markets rebranding campaign, it became so much popular that soon it acquired its own brand status. MTrading is regulated by IFSC (Belize), its key focus being innovation in tech analysis. MTrading offers many traders' favorite, MT4 platform, which is improved and upgraded. MTrading execution policy supports both Instant and Market execution. Passive investors may find it interesting to try auto trading feature, as the reviews say it is definitely worth trying.

Rebate Rates MTrading

Important! For this broker, INSTANT REBATES system is not available. You will get paid monthly, within first 10 days of the month following the reference month.

You can find the rates for spread rebate credit below:

M.Premium - 32% of spread
M.Pro - 32% of spread and commission

Any position open during 3 minutes or less will be not eligible for spread rebate credit. That means, if you open a position and close it in 5 minutes or less, you will not be eligible for credit. Any positions closed through Close Offset Position or Close Multiple Offset Positions options will be eligible for only 50% of the whole payable amount.