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Grand Capital
Up to $7.2 per lot
Partner ID: 4831400
Grand Capital is an international broker founded in 2006. The company operates through 40 offices across the world: South Asia, Africa, CIS, Europe, South America. Grand Capital speaks 15 languages and provides over half a million clients in 188 countries with access to financial markets. The company’s activity is regulated by the neutral and independent dispute resolution organization Finacom which assigned Category A to Grand Capital: the highest category of trustworthiness. The regulator guarantees a compensation fund of up to $20,000 for each client. Grand Capital offers six types of trading accounts: Standard, MT5, SwapFree, Crypto, ECN Pro, and Micro.

Rebate Rates Grand Capital

Important! For this broker, INSTANT REBATES system is not yet available. You will get paid monthly, within first 20 days of the month following the reference month.

You can find the rates for spread rebate credit below:

Micro, Standard, SwapFree - payouts for Forex instruments and metals - 24% of the spread

ECN, MT5 - for 1 standard lot - 24% of the company commission

Crypto - for 1 standard lot - 24% of the company commission

Binary - 0.8% of turnover


Rule of broker: In case within a reporting period the Partner’s remuneration for trades of any particular client exceeds 60 per cent of the client’s total deposit amount (for instance, if
the remuneration for a client’s account with the deposit of 1000 USD exceeds 600 USD), the remuneration may be reduced at the Company’s discretion to a value not
exceeding 60 per cent of the client’s total deposit amount.

For Micro and Srandard accounts partner's commission is not granted for trades that lasted less than 2 minutes.
If the difference between the opening and closing price is 2 or less points, then the Partner's commission is accrued in the amount of 30% of the current commission.