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$3.07 per lot
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FXOpen was founded in 2003, and was initially marketed as a tech analysis education service. The company turned to brokerage in 2005, while in 2009 it already implemented the now famous MT4 platform with true ECN and interbank liquidity. Now FXOpen also offers РАММ-ECN and RAMM-STP platforms, as well as ZuluTrade and MyFxBook auto trading solutions, and unique accounts for Bitcoin and Ethereum trading. The broker is regulated by ASIC, its liquidity providers being Currenex, Integral, CRNX, Morgan Stanley, etc.

Rebate Rates FXOpen

IMPORTANT! For this broker, INSTANT REBATES system is in place. Your FxCash account will get credited every 24 hours for each position you close.

You can find the rates for spread rebate credit below:

STP - 3.07 pips*

ECN - 19.2% of commission

Crypto - 19.2% от commission

The minimum commission rebate amount to credit is USD 0.008 per trade.
* Cash rebate amount is calculated in pips for each closed trade (The 5 - digit format quotes)
** Cash rebate amount is calculated in line with the percentage of commissions paid per contact.
On Micro account type rebate is not charged (For cent accounts of all types rebate is not charged)

- PAMM investment cash rebate is calculated as follows:
- PAMM STP: 3.07 pips per each closed trade
- PAMM ECN: 19.2% of ECN commissionFor account managers, cash rebate amount is calculated as per the amount of their own investments.

Special Requirements
- Maximum cash credit amount per trade: 80 USD
- Maximum daily cash credit amount: 800 USD
- Maximum total cash credit amount per one Client Account: 8,000 USD
- To get cash rebate from PAMM accounts, you must activate your first registered account at FxOpen with FxCash. This is a required condition set by FxOpen.