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A Rebate Service Working since 2009
Up to $12 per lot
Partner ID: FXCASH
AMarkets Ltd was founded in 2007. The company has one of the highest percentage of successful traders in industry, the most up-to-date dealing technologies, ultra-fast execution of clients’ trade orders, and more importantly - outstanding professional customer multilingual support. AMarkets is a сategory A member of The Financial Commission since 2013 with a 20000 EUR protection for traders. The AMarkets app provides quick access to the financial markets and allows you to trade and manage your trading accounts straight from your mobile device

Rebate Rates AMarkets

IMPORTANT! For this broker, INSTANT REBATES system is in place. Your FxCash account will get credited every 48 hours for each position you close.


1) To activate all accounts and receive the rebates, you should specify your AMarkets wallet number (not the trading account number) in your FxCash personal account in the "Trading Accounts" section. Your wallet is located on the main page of the broker's personal account. When creating a new trading account within a previously activated wallet, there is no need to send a request to the broker to add it to our partner group, as this happens automatically.

2) Adding clients to an affiliate group has become even faster and more convenient. Now each AMarkets client can independently send a request to add their trading account to the affiliate group in the Trader Area. Enter our partner code - FXCASH

FIXED $12 for lot
STANDARD $7.2 for lot
ECN, CFD, Stocks $2.4 for lot

RAMM: Copy trading service for investors. How it works:

You select strategies from this rating
You copy their trades
Earn the same % of profit as the experienced trader without professional knowledge and trading skills.


1) Rebate is not paid for trading operations that were closed less than two minutes after opening.

2) Rebate is not paid for trading operations with zero profit.

3) If the commission for any trading account exceeds or equals 60% of the Client’s Net Deposit (total Deposits minus total Withdrawals), the Company reserves the right to suspend further payouts, until the ratio falls below 60%. After depositing the trading account again, customers need to contact the AMarkets personnel manager, with a request to restore the wallet in the FxCash partner group.

4) Use of a trading strategy to profit solely from the partner remuneration or a rebate service, including the trading style when a significant number of trades are closed within 10 minutes after their opening and/or the result for all closed trades is less than 5 pips for all trading instruments except:

XAUUSD – 50 pips;
EuroStoxx50 – 42 pips;
BCHUSD – 5 000 pips;
LTCUSD – 50 pips;
DSHUSD – 500 pips;
XRPUSD – 500 pips;
EOSUSD – 50 pips;
XLMUSD – 50 pips;
BNBUSD – 50 pips;
SOLUSD – 50 pips;
LUNUSD – 50 pips.

The Company excludes such transactions if their number is more than 20% of the total volume of trading operations.
Please note! To receive a rebate, the client's account must be fully verified, if the broker has the right to refuse to accrue partner remuneration.