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News TICKMILL (FSA of Seychelles)

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TICKMILL Seychelles is a Forex broker regulated by FSA SC. The company emerged when Armada Markets, an Estonia-based broker, was re-structured in 2014. Alongside with this broker, the liquidity is also provided by Deutsche Bank, UBS, and Bank of America. TICKMILL caters to both European and Asian clients, offering utmost transparency, innovative trading features, and unrivaled tight spreads. This broker is also one of the few that allow bonds trading through MT4 with low margin requirements.

Martin Luther King Day Trading Schedule

In light of the upcoming Martin Luther King Day in the US, we would like to inform you that the trading schedule will be subject to change on Monday, 16th January 2023.

Traders should also note that in the event of low liquidity, spreads might significantly increase from their normal levels.


2022 Holiday Season Trading Schedule Changes

On the eve of the holidays, we inform you that the trading schedule for some instruments will change.

Please Consider the Risks.

During the holiday season, there may be changes in market conditions as to volatility and liquidity. Spreads are often much wider. Hence, please review your positions and margin requirements to ensure that you have sufficient free equity to cover a potential rise in margin requirements and adverse price movements. Kindly be advised that stop loss orders may not provide protection against adverse price movements in all circumstances. If you are uncertain, consider reducing or closing hedged positions and reassess the situation.

Also, please be aware that due to year-end market factors, you may observe significant moves in the swap costs for most FX pairs. These factors include financial institutions balancing their books before the end of the year, putting a strain on certain currencies.




Meet the Olympians of the IB Contest!

The exciting IB Contest has come to an end after 8 months, distributing $120,000+ worth of prizes across 5 regions! It was a contest like no other with massive participation and great twists in the leaderboards.

The contest was launched on March 21st 2022 whereby IBs from Asia, MENA, Africa, LATAM and the rest of the world joined, in an effort to expand their referral network and reach the top of the leaderboard before the end of the contest on the 28th of November 2022.

The top three IBs who succeeded in collecting the biggest amount of points, secured a place on the podium and won cash prizes of US$ 10000, US$ 5000 and US$ 2000 respectively.

“We would like to thank all IBs for participating in the contest and making it a great success. Moreover, we would like to congratulate all the winners for their hard work, dedication and outstanding performance. At Tickmill, we strive to encourage and support our partners in every way possible, as well as to motivate them for their initiatives. To us, all our partners are winners”, said Carla Nemr, Chief Business Development Officer.


Tickmill exclusive event at The Shard in London: a grand success!

Tickmill hosted an exclusive event at The Shard - London on 18th November 2022, for its clients in the UK with resounding success!

The event brought together renowned market experts, financial industry stakeholders and Tickmill clients, who enjoyed a day filled with interesting speeches and discussions. Guest speakers included Erik Norland, Executive Director and Senior Economist of the CME Group; Neil Crammond, professional trader; Mike Seidl, market analyst; and Sandy Jadeja, chief market strategist.

In a packed venue, the speakers shed light on a variety of subjects related to the current economic and geopolitical events and the ripple effect they have on financial markets and trading. Topics such as inflation, market volatility, rising interest rates and the energy crisis formed part of the agenda, and attendees gained unique insights on how to face rising challenges, trace current and future trends and prepare for potential trading opportunities in 2023.

We would like to thank all attendees for their support and contribution to making this event a success!

Stay tuned for our upcoming events.


The Tickmill mustache challenge!

Tickmill has stepped up in November to raise awareness around men’s health issues, both physical and mental.

To actively participate in the Movember awareness campaign, Tickmill’s male staff took part in a month-long internal challenge. For the whole of November, those willing to be part of the challenge grew their mustaches, often with peculiar and eye-catching styles.

The challenge ended with Tickmill’s staff voting for the most creative mustaches across all Tickmill’s global offices.

It was a tie for the winning spots, so the competition ended with two winners who both got awarded a special prize.

The challenge contributed to educating people around such an important topic for an entire month. Tickmill stands actively for any campaign that focuses on raising awareness around the general well-being and health.