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Larson & Holz is a group of companies that has been providing online trading services since 2004. The company offers the opportunity to trade a wide range of tools using the popular Meta Trader 5 trading platform. To the services of traders: maximum leverage, favorable spreads, various tariff plans. In addition to currency trading, traders may prefer CFD contracts for stocks, commodities, and drags. metals, etc. Larson & Holz also has a division of LH-Crypto - the world's first cryptocurrency broker, which provides customers with more than two hundred fifty financial assets and the ability to trade not only cryptomonet, but also standard instruments of the forex market, CFD.

Meet new trading assets

Despite all the challenges of remote work, Larson&Holz keeps growing and adding new trading assets.

Today all of our attention is caught by coronavirus and the ways we can combat it.

And, naturally, as this interest grows, we’ve decided to provide our clients with an opportunity to work with the stocks of pharmaceutical companies.

We have added CFDs on stocks of leading companies like Moderna, Emergent, Pfizer, Novavax, etc.

Try yourself at the new assets and please remember that traders who work with CFDs on stocks can also enjoy the extra bonus of dividends accrued to their trading accounts.

Happy Trinity Sunday

This year Holy Trinity fell on the this Sunday, 7th of June.

All of the Christians will unite to celebrate this great day.

Larson&Holz is congratulating all who celebrate this holiday and sends all of its clients the best and warmest wishes!

NYSE re-opened

Dear clients!

New York Stock Exchange which is considered to be the world’s largest and most influential exchange is finally re-opening. After two months of lockdown it is decided to open back the trading floor.

There will still be certain restrictions on traders’ work: all of the market participants will have to wear masks and maintain the distance.

All the trading was done online from March 23, 2020; Stacey Cunningham, the NYSE President, admits that this is one of the major steps towards re-opening all of the US economy.

Please note that when the stock exchange is re-opened there may be higher volatility for American stocks.

Trading time changed on May 25th 2020

Dear clients!

On 25th of May 2020 the USA is celebrating the Memorial Day, while the UK is having the Bank Holiday, which will change the working hours of American and British exchanges, so trading with some assets will be limited or closed.

Please find the timetable of the trading sessions for 25.05.2020:


  • CFDs on US stocks - trading closed;
  • CFDs on US indices - trading closed at 16:45 UTC;
  • CFDs on energies - trading closed at 16:45 UTC;
  • CFDs on metals - trading closed at 16:45 UTC;
  • CFDs on commodities - trading closed;
  • CFDs on European stocks (LSE) - trading closed.


Also, please note that low liquidity conditions may widen the spreads dramatically.

On May 26th all the trading conditions are resumed back to normal.

Economic impact of COVID-19

The latest statistics show that the total number of infected people has reached the 5 mln threshold; even the most optimistic experts do not expect it to slow down in the nearest 6 months. Vice versa, they promise more and more outbreaks, while there is still a long way to go till the vaccine is fully tested and available for the general public.

The economic and social consequences are already taking their tolls. The whole world's economic indicators are showing poor results, i.e. exports and productivity fall, while the crisis is looming closer - there are fewer and fewer jobs available, and the human resources are being developed slower.

However, some of the economy sectors turned out to be immune to the virus, such as consumer goods market and different online services.

In this situation, Larson&Holz is doing the best it can to support our online services in good condition and recommends its clients to observe the isolation regime.