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Ice-FX is the only broker that is ready to disclose the info on how the trades are transferred to liquidity providers to its clients. The Manager Passwords from A rating can be accessed freely via the Manager Profiles, while also being linked to MyFxBook. Managed Accounts is a unique product by Ice-FX. Each such option has an index based on risk appetite, which means any investor can choose an option that suits them best. The risk management system by Ice-FX is also free to access, allowing you to track the account drawdown. Client funds are kept in Standard Bank, one of the most reliable top tier banks out there. Ice-FX is the synonym of new transparency standards!

News ICE-FX Markets Limited

Changes to the iComposite composition

Dear Clients!
We would like to inform you that iComposite index has been changed.

Below you can see the new composition of iComposite.



Current Set         New Set
Solandr 13%       Solandr 13%
Celdic 12%         Celdic 12%
Frame 12%         Frame 12%
polar 13%           polar 13%
ProfitLine 12%     ProfitLine 12%
Multitrend 13%    Cordafym 13%
SmartQuant 12% SmartQuant 12%
Alpha 13%          Jorim 13%