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Dear clients,

In March of this year, the board of directors of Amazon.com Inc. approved a split of shares in the proportion of 1 to 20. At the end of May, the decision was supported by the shareholders.

As a result, the shares of the world's largest online retailer will be more accessible to new investors, because one share of Amazon will become 20 times cheaper!

The initiative itself will not affect the company's productivity in any way as it is only aimed at increasing the availability of shares in the market.

The split will take place on June 3, and from June 6, the trading on the #Amazon instrument will open with a new price.

Please note that on June 3, 2022:

* the #Amazon instrument will be in Close only mode;
* all open positions on #Amazon must be closed no later than 22:55 server time in accordance with clause 10.7 of the Regulations for trading operations;
* the remaining open deals will be forcibly closed by the Company at session closing prices.

And in order to make the most of the split — use the Drawdown bonus 101% and get additional funds for trading at full force.