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FreshForex has been offering Forex trading services since 2004. Its key feature is lightening speed execution: starting from 0.05 seconds; this is backed by Smart Bridge Technology that helps hedge currency risks. Traders report there is no slippage on FreshForex, while the spreads are tight and the funds can be withdrawn quickly. The broker also has its own online store called Huckster, where anyone can buy a unique EA with 20% return or more. One can even become a FreshForex client without making any deposit, as there are many promotions and contests that help you get real money on your bonus account.

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Dear clients,

This year we have created two investment portfolios that performed well in 3 months. The profitability on the conservative portfolio was 8.9%, and on the speculative one was 34%.

And now we want to share new ones!

What are these portfolios for?

Investment portfolios are the ready solutions selected by professional analysts. Suitable for medium or long term investments. They differ in the degree of profitability and the level of risk. Funds in them are diversified over three markets: commodity, foreign exchange and stock market.

The speculative portfolio contains a set of instruments with a return several times higher than the rates on bank deposits and inflation. It has minimal risk.

The conservative portfolio has 10 times higher returns than a speculative one. And, accordingly, it differs in the level of risk.

You can get a portfolio in two steps:

1. Fund your account with $100 or more from September 15 to September 30, 2020.

2. Send to [email protected] the account number you have topped up. Specify in the body of the email which portfolio you want to take – conservative or speculative.

Take any of them! Portfolios are a great way to get more profit and reduce risk.