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Just2Trade is a US brokerage firm, which became a part of FINAM in 2015. This fact allows the investors to access directly US and European stock exchanges, such as BOX, СМЕ, EuroNext, LSE, NASDAQ, NYSE, etc. with a small deposit and no Qualified Investor status required. Besides, with Just2Trade you can access thousands of markets accross the globe, including Globex futures. This is done through a unified account known as MMA. With Transaq MMA and TradeX platforms, you can trade real assets while owning them (no CFD's).

Just2Trade became the winner of the Chinese award Top-10 Brokers in 2017

On January 14, the international broker Just2Trade became the laureate of the Chinese award "Top-10 Brokers in 2017". As noted by the jury of the award, Just2Trade received the award for high quality customer service, stability of the trading environment and a great contribution to the development of the Forex market. In many ways, thanks to this, Just2Trade gained recognition among investors in China. "Top-10 Brokers in 2017" is the Chinese award, which annually selects the top ten brokerage companies of the Forex market. The awarding ceremony is held in the framework of the forum, where participants could exchange experience, communicate with representatives of brokerage organizations, mass media and industry experts. The organizer of the award is the Chinese information and economic portal FX1314. During 2017, FX1314 held more than 20 forums and meetings at the highest level, established and held an exhibition of Jinan Finance, which received a good response in the industry.

Just2Trade became a laureate of the China's Financial Annual Champion Awards

The international broker Just2Trade became the laureate of the Chinese Financial Annual Champion Awards in the nomination "Client Service 2017". As the jury noted, Just2Trade received the award for creating a safe and stable trading environment and a professional approach to working with clients. The Financial Annual Champion Awards is a prestigious award of the Chinese Forex industry, established in 2003. The organizer of the award is one of the leading Chinese online investment publications Hexun.