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Dear customers,

We would like to inform you that the trading hours in May 2022 will be subject to specific changes:

  • On Thursday, May 26, Sweden is celebrating Ascension Day. Due to this, the trades involving SUI_20 will be closed.
  • Memorial Day is observed in the United States on Monday, May 30. In light of this, the trades will be closed earlier for a number of assets. ETF and Stock US will be unavailable for trading.

Please keep in mind that the market volatility typically increases during holidays. In order to avoid additional risks while trading, make sure to use the Risk Manager solution.

Gerchik & Co


Announcing the Winners of Money Managers Forex Contest

On April 29th, 2022, FXOpen ended its Money Managers contest, where live and active forex PAMM accounts competed against each other.

As was the case with the previous contest, a sole participant emerged victorious, having met all the conditions:

1st place and the $5,000 prize go to krutoy-bobr!

Prize funds will be credited to the winner's Master Accounts following the Master Offer Performance Fee parameter equal to 50%.

The winner of FXOpen’s previous Money Managers Contest, GSV, has congratulated their trading comrade: “Please accept my sincere congratulations on winning the Contest! I wish you the best of luck in your work.” Team FXOpen echo the sentiments expressed to the winner, and wish them the best of luck and success in further trading!

Please note that PAMM account managers are not allowed to conceal from investors such account statistics as equity, drawdown, exposure level, or completed trades; this data must always be accessible for viewing.

The Money Managers contest is a unique opportunity to demonstrate your trading skills via a PAMM account. Within a specified timeframe, participants can deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts, accept investments, create new offers, and use any strategies, EAs, and robots.



Closure of LUNUSD trading

Dear clients,

Please note that our company and the liquidity provider have decided to remove the LUNA/US dollar crypto pair from the list of trading assets as its price and liquidity fell to critical levels.

This asset can no longer be traded as its price fell below the quote’s acceptable level.

All market positions taken in the LUNUSD will be closed at a current price at the moment of liquidation. Further trading in the LUNUSD will be impossible. The trades will be closed during working hours today.

Best regards,

CFD — Rollover (USOIL)


Please note that USOIL rollover procedures will start on 16.05.2022:

  1. There will be a new contract USOIL.JUL2 available for trading.
  2. USOIL.JUN2 contract will be set in “close-only” mode.
  3. All USOIL.JUN2 open positions should be liquidated by the close of 19.05.2022 trading session.


Best regards,
FIBO Group, Ltd.

Rally Trade is canceled

Dear traders!

Please be noted that round 309 Rally Trade is canceled due to unscheduled maintenance. Sorry for any inconvenience caused, next round of the contest will take part as planned.