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FreshForex broker review

FreshForex reviews
Broker rating FreshForex 4.3 from 5 Votes: 111

FreshFore has been on the Forex market for over 6 years. Over this period, the company has gained loyalty of both novice and seasoned traders. FreshForex was one of the first brokers to introduce cent accounts, not to mention other pioneer inventions it implemented.

FreshForex is built around four major concepts which are now shared among its clients.

The first concept is very simple: trading. The company strives to provide its clients with the best conditions possible so that they may trade with peace of mind, with no worries or nuisances that may arise on the way of a trader.

Another concept of FreshForex is transparent rates and quotation. Reputation is, of course, an asset which cannot be bought for any price. There is only one way to earn reputation: being honest and open with your clients, colleagues and partners.

The third concept of FreshForex is continuous development, which is actually reflected in the company name itself. "Fresh" can also mean "innovative", and FreshForex makes every effort to find new and innovative services, approaches and features for their traders.

Last but not least, the fourth concept of FreshForex is its business reputation. The broker wouldn't be working without clients, so any client's feedback is more than valuable for a company who wants to earn and maintain a good reputation.

Major FreshForex advantages include the following:

tight floating and fixed spreads, instant execution within a couple of seconds, no limits on buy limit and sell stop orders. Traders can access the trading conditions stats 24/7 in real time. There are no any minimum deposit requirements.

A wide range of deposit and withdrawal method allows the traders to choose options which are easy and convenient for them: wire transfers, e-wallets, QIWI or debit or credit cards. There is no commission for deposits (except for e-wallets, where there may be a commission).

According to the company processing rules, the withdrawal requests are processed within 10 minutes. As for deposits, they appear on your trading account instantly. Thus, you are completely free in your deposit management and don't have to wait, not even a minute.

For the client convenience, each client is assigned a dedicated account manager, which brings the service quality to the top.

  • No minimum deposit
    Leverage up to 1:500
  • Multi-currency accounts
    Assets: Forex, CFD, Futures, metals
  • 0.01 minimum position size
    One-click trades, instant execution
  • Stop out insurance
    Up to 8% per annum interest bonus
  • Floating spread starting from 0.9 pips, fixed from 2 pips
    Flexible hedging system
  • Contests and promos
    MetaTrader 4 trading platform
  • Step-by-step Forex educational course
    Interactive tutorial, live webinars
To get up to $16 per lot spread rebate on FreshForex, open a trading account with them by clicking Open trading account.
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