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Admiral Markets UK Ltd review

Admiral Markets UK Ltd reviews
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Admiral Markets UK Ltd European regulated broker (FCA), FRN:595450.

Admiral Markets UK Ltd is a subsidiary of Admiral Markets AS (Estonia). Admiral Markets AS is also regulated by Estonian Financial Supervision Authority for main investment and brokerage activities, which authorizes it to accept and process client deposits in the EU. The company’s activity is conducted in accordance with all normative acts, including MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive).

Novice traders are offered: a training site (books and brochures in several languages, video and audio lessons, free webinars, real trading examples); after completing the free training, students are given the opportunity to open demo-accounts.

For those who already feel confident and experienced in the Forex market, several account types are offered by Admiral Markets UK Ltd - Admiral.Markets, Admiral.Prime, Admiral.MT5.

One can open an Admiral.Markets account and begin trading with Admiral Markets UK Ltd with a minimal deposit of:

200 EUR
250 USD
150 GBP
220 CHF

The currency of the deposit should be - EUR, USD, GPB, CHF. Order processing takes place with the Market Execution system. Leverage from 1:25 up to 1:500. This includes low spreads, approximately 30 currency pairs, metal, oil, shares.

A professional trader can try trading with Admiral Markets UK Ltd by opening:

An Admiral.Prime account, which grants access to quotes and liquidities from over a dozen of the world’s largest banks (City Bank, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, UBS). The minimum deposit sum and currency constitutes:

1000 EUR
1600 USD
1000 GBP
1500 CHF

Leverage of 1:50-1:200. 46 currency pairs, 3 metals. Spread of over 0.00.

The Admiral.MT5 account. The minimum deposit sum and currency constitutes:

1000 EUR
1600 USD
1000 GBP
1500 CHF

Leverage of 1:50-1:200. 26 currency pairs, 2 metals. Spread of over 0.2.

Regardless of which type of account you choose, trade with Admiral Markets UK Ltd will always be an excellent choice for traders. The trade platforms used are: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 4 Supreme Edition Ad-on.

The ForexBall trader competition is an excellent opportunity to attain a big monetary prize (the winnings are 74 000 USD)! This is also a good opportunity to become a member of the Admiral club and receive membership prizes.
  • Licensed broker (EU)
    Low spreads above 0.01 units
  • Leverage of 1:25 to 1:500
    Analytics and news feeds from the finest information agencies (Dow Jones; Thomson Reuters)
  • A minimum deposit of 200 EUR, 250 USD,150 GBP,220 CHF and above.
    Free training (video lessons, books, webinars, real trade examples)
  • Various accounts - Admiral.Markets, Admiral.Prime, Admiral.MT5, Demo
    Forex and CFD trade
  • ForexBall trader competition
    An opportunity to become a member of the Admiral Club and receive all the associated prizes
You can receive a return of up to 16% from commissions with Admiral Markets UK Ltd by opening an account with the “Open an account” feature. You can read detailed feedback and discussion of Admiral Markets UK Ltd on our forum, simply by pressing “discuss”.
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